Hi, I’m Philip.

I use design and tech to build products that solve problems for people.


Chances are you’re here looking for someone to design a product or manage a team of designers. Hiring can be a mess, I know. I want to honor your time and make the process as simple as I can! I believe hiring is a two way street – you need to get to know me and I need to get to know you. Hopefully this site will help you get to know me better.


If you’re looking for…

  • A professional who can make your products and services more effective, user friendly, and successful.

  • A colleague who can pull their own weight, manage deadlines, and get stuff done.

  • A teammate you like working with, who other teams will enjoy working with as well.

And I’m looking for…

  • A company with an awesome culture and fantastic people doing great work.

  • A management team that allows for the autonomy to do great work in a way that makes everyone successful.

  • A team with a product / design gap that could use a diverse skillset and background.


Sound right so far? Let’s keep going!



Enterprise innovation and tech research, UX and agency work, design for e-commerce, and teaching college students – it’s all here.



Want to know what I’m all about, what I value, what I enjoy doing, and what I’ll be jamming to as I work?