360 View

Perspective from former colleagues. Reporting structure noted below.

Philip has always been a calming force within our Department; seeking consensus and helping faculty and staff find common ground. He is well organized and punctual, yet easygoing.
— David Lipe, Manager at the Art Institute of Dallas
Our teams worked closely together to redefine the way we worked. The effort would have been near impossible without Philip’s steady demeanor and positive, solution-focused attitude. The thing I appreciate most about Philip is his consideration and care for others.
— Sheila Tischler, Peer Colleague at Sabre DX
I’ve often thought about how fortunate I’ve been to have had Philip’s guidance early in my career. From him, I learned the art of utilizing frameworks and storytelling. Philip is observant, deliberate, and thoughtful. He fosters an open, accepting environment where individuals thrive.
— Eun “Jinny” Seo, Direct Report at Sabre Labs

These are just a few folks who have gotten to know me over the years. I’m happy to provide other references as needed!