Art Institute of Dallas

( Design / Development Education )


Emerging design and development talent needs to be trained and mentored on how to be successful in the web / app / product / software space.


I designed and taught Web Design and basic Development courses to college students including: Motion Graphics for the Web, Javascript 101, HTML / CSS, Project / Portfolio Studio, and two Game Design electives. Teaching was part of my effort to mentor the next generation of talent. Former students now work at companies like Intuit, Southwest Airlines, Sabre, The Knot, Projekt202, Home Away, and others.

My Role:

Associate Professor, Assistant Director of the School of Design.

Philip has always been a calming force within our Department; seeking consensus and helping faculty and staff find a common ground. He is well organized and punctual, yet easygoing.
— David Lipe, Director - School of Design

Timeframe: 2008-2012
Skills: Design, Web Development, Teaching, Writing, People Management
Tools and Tech: HTML; CSS; Javascript; PHP; MySQL; AJAX; Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash