Other Work

Sabre (DX) Digital Experience

( Hospitality Focused Digital Agency )


Hoteliers need products and custom solutions to drive hotel bookings directly to their site instead of selling through other online retailers.


We created custom websites and products to help hoteliers gain market share and revenue. DX has a suite of products that give hoteliers an advantage if they use Sabre systems including some novel sales funnel techniques that can be integrated into ad-based marketing efforts. We also had a squarespace-for-hotel-sites product, and a hotel analytics engine. During my time there I spent most of my effort on product management and sales / P&L efforts, while mentoring the design and custom website teams.

My Role:

Director of Custom Solutions and Emerging Products - managed three teams (Product, Design, and Custom Solutions)

Timeframe: 2018-2019
Skills: Design, People Management, Product Management, P&L responsibility, Sales
Tools and Tech: Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator; MS Office, Salesforce
Link: dx.sabrehospitality.com


( UI for User Prioritized Flight Search )

Drag & drop user prioritized flight search UI


Flight search today is based on a filter and sort methodology that gives subpar flight recommendations and leads to wasted time and effort.


The hypothesis I explored in my thesis was that a system based on ordering and weighting a user’s priorities could produce better results than simple filter and sort. The interface I built was a web app for iPad that allowed users to custom-rank their priorities of air travel attributes including departure time, number of stops, etc. I conducted user testing to see which system would be better. Ultimately, I found that the filter and sort methodology was more clear and transparent for the user, but more work should be done on prioritization systems as we continue to move toward a touch-first UI society.

My Role:

Interactive design, front-end development, user research and testing

Timeframe: 2013
Skills: Design, Web Development, User Research, User Testing
Tools and Tech: HTML; CSS; Javascript; Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator

I HEart Color

( Color Palette App for iOS )


Most color palette apps for are simply rehashes of a desktop color picker and not specifically optimized for designers who want to augment their workflow with a mobile UI.


I worked with a pair of developers to create a mobile-first color palette application with a novel UI. The color palettes aligned right for easy thumb press. A simple, clean, flat UI allowed the palettes to shine. Export features allowed the designer to email CSS, LESS, and SASS outputs to developer colleagues to drop directly into code. Used the XKCD color names from their color survey ❐ (which are awesome).

My Role:

Creator, designer, co-developer

Timeframe: 2013-2015
Skills: UX/UI Design, Branding, iOS Development
Tools and Tech: Xcode / iOS; Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator



( Design & Marketing Agency )


Various companies needed websites, branding, and marketing collateral in order to better connect with their customers.


Visualeyes was a small agency where I got to work on a lot of different things. I was the sole web designer and developer, so I created websites from scratch. I was also able to create in store retail signage and designs, brand marks, print mailers, and all sorts of other design projects. The highlight was when my design for the Shakespeare Festival of Dallas flyer ended up on the Jay Leno Show for our intentional misspelling of “Comedy of Errers” for the summer play they put on.

My Role:

Lone web designer and developer, part time design generalist

Philip is an amazing talent - a creative level that many simply do not have, plus he has the smarts and know-how to implement concepts and designs.
— Rob House, VisualEyes Owner

Timeframe: 2003-2005
Skills: UX/UI Design, Web Development, Print Design, Branding, Marketing
Tools and Tech: HTML; CSS; Javascript; PHP, MySQL; Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash