The Basics

A little more information so you can get to know me.

Philip Likens

I love designing holistic products and systems. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, designer since '98, tireless learner, and family man. I tend to fill gaps in teams as needed, so I’ve taken all sorts of roles – UXer, Designer, Product Director, Tech Researcher, Professor, Innovation Lab Director.

Over my career I’ve created my own small conference, started a global hackathon within a software company, launched a few apps in the iOS app store, spoken at conferences on four continents, mentored designers, lead teams, presented on the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon stage, developed my own neural networks, and started a few small businesses. I enjoy taking the skills I’ve learned and applying them to new challenges and domains!

The Family

My family is based in the northern Dallas / Fort Worth area. My wife Angie is an entrepreneur and I have two young boys: Cade and Jude. I eat mostly a plant-based diet for health and enjoy jogging, occasional CrossFit, and coaching the boy’s soccer team.

Some of my favorite activities include:

  • Walking new cities (from DC to São Paulo)

  • Listening to albums by artists like Alison Kraus, BT, Massive Attack, Tool, and U2

  • Reading books like Ender’s Game, My Name is Ashev Lev, and anything by Nassim Taleb or Bill Watterson

  • Playing tabletop games with my boys including Azule, Carcassonne, Patchwork, and Sushi Go

The Boys