Hi, I’m Philip Likens. Good to meet you!

Philip Likens

I love designing holistic products and systems. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, designer since '98, tireless learner, and family man. I tend to fill gaps in teams as needed, so I’ve taken all sorts of roles – UXer, Designer, Product Director, Tech Researcher, Professor, Innovation Lab Director.

Over my career I’ve created my own small conference, started a global hackathon within a software company, launched a few apps in the iOS app store, spoken at conferences on four continents, mentored designers, lead teams, presented on the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon stage, developed my own neural networks, and started a few small businesses. I’m currently looking for the next adventure where I can apply my life of learning and grow a product.

The Family

My family is based in the northern Dallas / Fort Worth area. My wife Angie is an entrepreneur. I have two young boys: Cade and Jude. I eat mostly a plant-based diet for health and enjoy slow jogging, occasional CrossFit, yoga for the inflexible, and coaching the boy’s soccer team.

Some of my favorite things include:
Calvin and Hobbes, Ender's Game, My Name is Asher Lev, Star Wars, Rich Roll Podcast, StoryBrand, StrengthsFinder, soccer, fantasy football, church, travel, walking cities, the ocean, Uniball Vision Elite pens, Airpods, tacos, craft root beer, terrible dad jokes, physical comedy, Tool, Adele, Alison Kraus & Union Station, BT, Lyle Lovett, Massive Attack, and U2.

What others have to say

Philip is an amazingly talented interactive designer and I was fortunate to work with him at Neiman Marcus. He consistently created beautiful, smart and thoughtful designs and excelled in problem-solving.
— Jude Forbes @ Neiman Marcus
Philip has always been a calming force within our Department; seeking consensus and helping faculty and staff find common ground. He is well organized and punctual, yet easygoing.
— David Lipe @ Art Institute of Dallas
Philip is an amazing talent - a creative level that many simply do not have, plus he has the smarts and know-how to implement concepts and designs.
— Rob House @ Visualeyes


I’m a person who values an integrated life. I see life and work as parts of a whole - they are not separate things. I’m not one person at work and another at home. Life and work are intertwined. We are whole people.

I’ll share a few ideas that I’ve stumbled upon as I’ve learned and grown in the industry over the last 20 years. Maybe these things resonate with you. If so, I would love to know about it!

  • Life is short – we should all do work with meaning and joy.

  • Humans thrive when Business, Engineering, and Design work together.

  • I try to understand and maximize the strengths of my team when I manage.

  • The Lean hypothesis-based language and a research-based test-and-see approach is useful and helps breed humility among teams.

  • The StoryBrand customer-is-the-hero mentality takes marketing and matches it to the UX point of view to create a more holistic and integrated product.

  • Equipping and mentoring the next generation of leaders is a thread that runs through my life.

The Boys