Sabre (DX) Digital Experience

( Hospitality Focused Digital Agency )

Example Customer / Solution of Sabre DX

Example Customer / Solution of Sabre DX

Why it rocked:

We optimized e-commerce for hoteliers through our products and custom solutions to maximize bookings and optimize profitability.

My Role:

Director of Custom Solutions and Emerging Products

I managed three teams:

  • Product – In charge of managing the product portfolio, equipping sales, working with delivery and development to roll out new releases, maintain stability and security.

  • Custom Solutions – Worked with Sales to engage the customer who had needs that our off-the-shelf products couldn't address. Interfaced with the customer to identify precisely the custom experience we needed to build, including pricing decisions.

  • Design – Worked with the Custom Solutions, Development, and Delivery teams to design the perfect solution for the customer. Also supported the Advertising team on ad creative.

Key Experiences:

  • Director-level leadership, executive communication, and peer partnership across functions to realize P&L goals.

  • B2B product management and communication with customers across the product lifecycle, including a sunset scenario.

  • Designing and optimizing the travel e-commerce conversion funnel from ad through purchase.

  • Navigating change management effectively across a reorganization and functionalization effort

Our teams worked closely together to redefine the way we worked. The effort would have been near impossible without Philip’s steady demeanor and positive, solution-focused attitude. The thing I appreciate most about Philip is his consideration and care for others.
— Sheila Tischler, Director of Planning, Delivery, and Support

Timeframe: 2018-2019
Skills: Design, People Management, Product Management, P&L responsibility, Customer Relationships, Sales
Tools and Tech: Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator; MS Office, Salesforce

spotlight: DX Product Management


Hotels are looking for methods to maximize their profitability. When the customer books directly with the hotel, generally the hotel comes out ahead. This method is called a "direct" booking. Sabre's Digital Experience (DX) agency focuses on maximizing the hotelier's ability to find and capture direct booking opportunities with their customers. To do so, DX created a handful of innovative products that help hoteliers maximize revenue across the traveler's journey.

dx customer journey.png

Sabre DX Product Portfolio

  • InstaSite – A "SquareSpace for hotels" product that allowed hotels to get up and running with a site quickly. Targeted toward independent hotels and small chains that needed a presence online without a custom site.

  • CMS and Custom Sites – The CMS allows hotels to manage content delivery and update their sites. DX designed and delivered custom sites with award-winning design to high-end hotels and chains around the world.

  • InContext – Innovative product that allows the hoteliers to pull dynamic pricing out of the booking engine for display in other contexts.

    • Rates for Ads – Pushing pricing to Google and Facebook ads mean less money spent on "false positive" click-throughs, which results in a higher ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

    • Rates for Sites – Displaying the room rates through the site increases conversion and results in more bookings. People know what they're looking at, what it costs, and it creates consistency through the customer journey.

  • Booking Engines – Sabre DX, and the rest of Sabre Hospitality has a handful of booking engine options from which Hoteliers can choose. During my stint, we sunset one of these products after analyzing the roadmaps, financials, and usage data. DX also builds beautiful custom booking engines that match the custom sites. These booking engines are optimized for conversion to the hotelier's specific audience.

  • Internal Tools – Suite of internal tools that assisted our advertising and sales teams in their optimization of advertising for the direct channels.

  • Retailing Insights – A tool similar to Google Analytics, but tuned explicitly to a hoteliers data analysis needs, displaying metrics that matter for effective hotel management. Revenue managers used Retailing Insights to understand the whole conversion funnel better and use the data to target the next wave of travelers.



By using our product and services portfolio, hoteliers could quickly launch a web site, drive traffic to that site, and allow travelers to complete the booking process. We then worked to optimize the traveler's journey by giving transparency to the process and driving direct bookings.

When I took the DX role, my priorities were to stabilize the department, understand the product analytics, sunset the unsuccessful products, and set the direction for the future of the products. The DX product portfolio is optimized to drive value for Sabre's customers. The custom solutions that we created are award-winning and pushed the envelope of online hotel retailing.