Sabre Labs

( Corporate Innovation Lab )


Sabre is primarily a B2B SaaS and services technology company that serves the travel industry. Keeping ahead of technology is sometimes tough when you’re focused on serving clients and executing on an 18-month roadmap.


Sabre Labs was created to facilitate rapid exploration and learning, then to take that information and apply it back to the company. We created between 15-20 experiments (working tech prototypes) per year to demonstrate emerging technology and design. We also leaned into thought-leadership and client-facing presentations. This gave Sabre a unique role in the market as a strong enterprise solution that was also demonstrating the latest technologies and leading the way into the future.

Highlights include passing off message-based prototypes and learning to pilot (press release ❐), publishing 3 major thought leadership reports (2017 report ❐), being interviewed for Reuters (story ❐), speaking around the world to Sabre’s customers, co-creating the first Sabre global hackathon, and more...

My Role:

I started as a UX Designer hands on creating prototypes, moved into the Emerging Technology Research role to reboot our research and thought-leadership efforts. I eventually ran Sabre Labs as the Director, managing a cross-functional team including design, development, marketing, and research.

Timeframe: 2012-2018
Skills: Design, People Management, Technology Research, Writing, Presenting, Product Prototyping, Lean Startup, UX Research, Voice / Message-based UI Design, Design Thinking…
Tools and Tech: Adobe Creative Cloud, iOS/Xcode, Android/Studio, HTML, CSS/LESS, JavaScript, JSON, GitHub, Alexa Skills Kit…