My perspective on work, design, products, and management.

I’m a person who values an integrated life. I see life and work as parts of a whole; they are not separate things. I’m not one person at work and another at home. Life and work are intertwined. We are whole people.

I’ll share a few ideas that I’ve stumbled upon as I’ve learned and grown in the industry over the last 20 years. Maybe these things resonate with you. If so, I would love to know about it!

  • Life is short – we should all do work with meaning and joy.

  • Humans thrive when Business, Engineering, and Design work together.

  • Marketing is the art of revealing the truth of the product or offering to a potential customer.

  • I’ve observed that virtually no experience is wasted. Every experiment and learning comes around in some way to benefit our future self.

  • I try very hard to understand and maximize the strengths of my team when I lead and manage.

  • Equipping and mentoring the next generation of leaders is a near-constant thread that runs through my life.

  • Frameworks are shortcuts for robust thought and communication. They’re the lenses through which I see life. Design thinking, the s-curve of tech adoption, Gartner’s Hype Cycle, the Lean Startup, StoryBrand, and StrengthsFinder are a handful that I find particularly helpful. For example:

    • The Lean hypothesis-based language and a research-based test-and-see approach is useful for product development and helps breed humility among and across teams.

    • The StoryBrand customer-is-the-hero mentality takes marketing and matches it to the UX point of view, creating a more holistic and integrated product.